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More and more families are electing to save their beloved cremains. Dusckas-Martin Funeral Home has a wide variety of urns and keepsake urns. Keepsake urns are small enough that all family members may keep a part of their loved ones’ ashes. Many of the keepsake urns match the larger urn. Some choices in materials include: bronze, gold plating, ceramic, wood, slate etc.

Dusckas-Martin Funeral Home also carries urns which can be buried (in accordance to cemetery requirements). We also carry scattering urns, temporary urns, paper mache urns for floating on water surface until dissolved.

Keepsake Jewelry

Keepsake Cross

Dusckas-Martin Funeral Home offers a wide variety of keepsake bracelets, pendants, necklaces, etc.

Pet Urns

The loss of a pet can be one of the hardest losses in ones life. The life of that pet can be forever memorialized in a pet urn from Dusckas-Martin Funeral Home. Choose from a selection of Urns that best suits your needs. 


Many people have found comfort in ordering Thumbies. These are either made of gold or sterling silver. The Funeral Home takes and imprints of the loved one’s thumb-print and this is cast in an assortment of jewelry.

Portraits and Video Programs

Ask Dusckas-Martin Funeral Home about their exclusive program of memorial portraits and video memorial DVDs.

Other Resources

We have a large collection of current books in our library on the topic of death, dying, grief, suicide, etc. Many of these books can be purchased or borrowed from the funeral home. Jack Martin has a degree in counseling and arrangements can be made for him to speak at public or private meeting groups. He has assisted many of the Dusckas-Martin families. In addition, Mr. Martin teaches death and dying and grief to the Junior classes of McDowell High School and the Senior class at Saegertown HS.